Guest Post: Jojo’s MfNe, Conclusion

by ibukisuika

I was originally gonna do this as 2 updates, but, since its been a month since my last one, you might as well post it in one go.


Welcome back! Sorry for the delay in posting this, but here we are now in the Vaults. We’re still just plowing through everything so I’ll be brief here.

The Vaults are a standard part of midgame for almost every character, and are filled with basically a bunch of meaty melee monsters, meaty ranged monsters, and uniques. For most standard builds, these foes won’t pose much challenge at this point by themselves, although fun times can still be had when you encounter several dozen at once.  The Vaults have been supposedly changed since the last time I played to try to force that case more often, but we’ll see how it goes…

To start off, we find a bazaar:

Where I blow a buncha cash on a buncha junk:

Nothing very good comes of it this time, though.  I’m getting pretty desperate for resists at this point, because I basically have none other than a single point through a ring swap, but the rElec from these gloves really isn’t worth the penalty to damage. 😦

I’m still just cruising along with a pack of zombie goons, crushing every monster with a few reaching stabs a pop.  Reaching is so so great and has been undervalued for a long time.

Here’s the Enchanted Forest, a new branch that randomly alternates with the Crypt filled with Spriggans and other fruity crap. High MR will be a must here…  I’ll check it out later if I survive the Vaults…

And voila, here I am in Vault:5.  Pretty fast, right?  Nothing at all was even remotely a challenge in the previous 4 floors.  There were some weird vault guards that locked doors and summoned monsters, but they too fell before the zombie hordes.  Speaking of, I have a pack of about 20 on Vault:4 waiting near the stairs, so I dispatch these guys by hasting myself, going down the stairs, luring a set of 9 up the stairs, press tab until they all die, and then rinsing and repeating.

It’s a good habit to use a magic mapping scroll on Vault:5 (formally Vault:8) so that you know the exact layout if you ever need to do a controlled retreat (or controlled teleport!).

I generally start the Vault end by clearing the corridors, because you really don’t want anything nasty popping out from behind you when you’re running from a pack of shadow dragon in one of the quadrants.  For instance, this hot babe and her pack of goons.  Fun fact about Margery and Hell Knights: they can spawn with uberequips, so always check their weapons!
Anyways, she’s no challenge for me at this point and dies in the usual way.

rune #3.  haven’t found ANYTHING good in here yet, so I’m gonna clear the rest of the level first.

first Margery and now this douchebag.  good thing I have 3 pips of first resist… oh wait, I don’t, I just have a ring of fire to switch to. =/  anyways, he dies but doesn’t leave a hide.  figures.

Blugh, gettin’ all the cool uniques now.  Mennas is particularly dangerous to me, especially in a corridor, as he hits with holy damage and thus annhilates my zombies, in addition to having a high degree of physical resist.

He still goes down when surrounded by zombies though.  Recall now happening over the course of a few turns (instead of instantly) actually helps me here as my goons continued to surround him even after he cast silence.

Mama mia!  And after all this, no loot worth mentioning. 😦

I have double MR, so I decide to take a peak in the Enchanted Forest.  Here’s what it looks like:

It’s filled with a bunch of annoying monsters. None are very dangerous to me, but in particular the higher-level spriggans (defenders and druids) and the fauns (arcane marksmen centaurs that kite you like crazy) gave a little trouble.

The tomb is still in here, apparently.

Nice ring.

I guess this is a new unique? An extra annoying faun. Whatever, he still dies to a zombie onslaught.

The old spriggan megavault that used to be in Dungeon is now the (or one of?) Enchanted Forest endvaults.  I bet it still has a bunch of defenders and The Enchantress at the end.

Yep.    If you’ve never seen her before, there’s three things to say.  First, you better have high MR because she loves to spam dangerous hexes like paralyze at high cast power.  Second, she has insane EV, and so the easiset way to kill her is cloud spells (in this case, miasma from corpse rot).  Third…

…she always spawns with a randart mottled dragon armour called the “Fairie Dragon Armour,” which in this case is better than my ring mail because it gives me Str and a resist!

Well that’s it for the Enchanted Forest.  It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at my skills.  Basically, high melee, high defense, a little bit of magic.  I’d have higher magic but I haven’t found any of the high-level charms or necromancy books. 😦  If I really cared about 15-runing this guy, I’d check elf next for just those things, but honestly I feel like I’m fine to get the orb right now.

My equips.  Noticeable lack of resists. ;[

From here on out, just gonna bulldoze through the rest of the dungeon until I get to Zot. It was already past 3:30am at this point, and I just desperately wanted to finish the game.  I bulldozed through these floors until Zot within 30 minutes, and you can experience this excitement in real time by slowly scrolling down at a rate of 1 picture per 3 minutes.

Scroll of Summoning casts shadow creatures now !!!

It’s extremely rare to see death drakes that aren’t shapeshifters, but here we are.  What a pain…

And here we are! A pretty unthreatening welcome considering I had a huge draconian castle vault on Zot:27 that I cleared no sweat with, you guessed it, zombies and stabs.  Awesome here is that we have the stairs right on the same screen. :o)

In Zot, you typically want to magic map each floor and then head to the nearest stairs ASAP.  Many players save all their extra magic-mapping scrolls just for this.  Here, we only have a little bit of a hike, which is good because this all open level could potentially be NASTY.  The other Zot floors were very easy, however.

So far, so good.  Nothing but easy dragons and draconians so far.  I’m a bit shocked when I magic map this floor to find that they’ve changed the layout of the surrounding map quite a bit. This open layout is quite a bit harder than the single-tile corrdiors that Zot 5 used to feature.  I’ll have to clear it out before I attempt the ventricals or else I could find myself surrounded when I try to retreat.

For instance, by these douchebags.  Fuck, Tiamat is gonna be a huge pain in the ass.  She has like, 400 hp AND 30 AC AND a solid set of resistances.  What a monster.

But, I take her down in the usual way. I also find the dragonskin cloak, which is +4 AC and grants a random resistance every round.  Its now 4am, and for some reason I think it’s a great idea to swap out my now damaged +0 cloak of MR (thanx yellow dracs) for this. To be fair, I still have no resists, have only 2 potions of resistance remaining, and I think I have a ring of MR on my uncursed finger.

However, of course I’d like to have just a little bit of consistent fire resist for OoF. So, I switch my rings…

Advance a little further, and then retreat…

Get paralyzed by an ancient lich, and get clobberated from full health before it wears off. :xd:

And that’s all folks!  Really!  If I had closed the damn game and went to bed, I wouldnt have made such a stupid decision to switch my cloak, and I probably would have ascended. I heard that they greatly increased the difficult of the ascent, but my build has one of the easiest ascension runs due to the fact that I have dozens of zombie minions waiting for recall on almost every single floor of the dungeon.

Good luck and trying this build for yourself!