Guest Post: Jojo’s MfNe, Conclusion

I was originally gonna do this as 2 updates, but, since its been a month since my last one, you might as well post it in one go.


Welcome back! Sorry for the delay in posting this, but here we are now in the Vaults. We’re still just plowing through everything so I’ll be brief here.

The Vaults are a standard part of midgame for almost every character, and are filled with basically a bunch of meaty melee monsters, meaty ranged monsters, and uniques. For most standard builds, these foes won’t pose much challenge at this point by themselves, although fun times can still be had when you encounter several dozen at once.  The Vaults have been supposedly changed since the last time I played to try to force that case more often, but we’ll see how it goes…

To start off, we find a bazaar:

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