Guest Post: Grandpa’s MfNe, Part IV

by ibukisuika

Ok, back to it.  So, last time, we were surrounded. The secret to beating that situation? Well, if just go up the other white stairs, you’ll now know that 2 of the stairs on the level go into that trap; therefore, the third one does not.  The third one COULD go into some other trap, but in this case it doesn’t.    Instead, it goes right to one of the best items in the game. ;]

Now that the ambush is awake, they’ll spread out all over the dungeon looking for me, and I can easily take them on one at a time.

My HP is going up rapidly with new levels now; the bonus HP you get from the Fighting skill is proportional to your current XL, so its really starting to pay off now.

Its nice to have a lot of consumables on hand, because you feel less hesitant about using them.  Generally I try to keep a couple mights/agilities and about 4-5 healing and cure wounds potions on hand at any time, and start to get nervous if I dip below those numbers too much.

Boggarts are one of the biggest PIA enemies in the game.  They spam a spell called Shadow Creatures, which summons multiple depth-appropriate enemies.  That would be annoying by itself, but they also appear in packs of 4 or 5, and so thus the situation can get out of hand quickly.  The best way to deal with these guys is to exterminate them with extreme prejudice via a wand or other ranged beam attack.

Speaking of PIAs, here’s Louisem a unique infamous for casting banish. Because she also wears heavy armour (and usually a shield), she can often banish you 3 or 4 times in a row!  Even though I have double MR equipped, I airdrop my zombies on her and stab at a safe distance until she’s dead.

At this point I decide my equipment is good enough to fully bind myself.  This gives my skills another little boost.  I’m gonna hold off on upgrading my weapon until I finish the snake pit, however, as tons of enemies there use polemarms and so there’s a chance that I could find a really good weapon there.

Before I do Snake, however, I’m gonna do Swamp, which should be a cakewalk with rP+, clarity, and my merfolk water affinity.

I finally find a book with haste, which is GREAT.  My charms skills is already almost high enough to cast it consistently so this is an immediate huge power boost.

Frances is similar unique to Louise (heavy armour spellcaster babe), but she summons demons instead of banishing you.  Her lore (for as much as Crawl has lore at all) sez that she once defeated a Pan Lord in battle, but she’s much much weaker than that would have you believe.  I stab her to death before she can do anything at all.

A short while later I kill a swamp dragon and take its hide.  Swamp Dragon Armour is actually really good, as it provides solid GDR and base AC despite being almost as uncumbered, spell-casting wise, as leather.  I might want to wear it later if I can cover my resists in some other way.

Here’s the rune vault. A bunch of hydras and swamp dragons, whatever whatever.  I haste up and start pokin’.  So easy that I forget to even screenshot the rune. ;[

An incredible bounty…

FINALLY some action!!  Lamia is a new unique that’s kinda the “boss” of the snake pit, and I’ve never seen her before.  She’s a superpowered greater naga with OOD and shitloads more HP, which is a pretty scary combo.  I haste up and get to work…

I try my usual trick of “stab the fuck out of everything from behind a wall of zombies” but here she reaches past hits me for 60 damage in a single hit. 0_0  time to take this show on the road…

My zombies buy me some space, enough such that I feel like I can make a serious dent in her just spamming wands.  Even though we’re both hasted, remember that I have boots of running and she’s a naga!

She has so much HP that she still eventually closes ground on me, and the other corridors are filled with other, lesser naga.  I have to use my wand of digging to create some new space for me.

I finally take her out after using every last wand charge that I had.

Here’s Mara, one of the scariest Uniques.  He’ll make two copies of himself and one copy of you, and all 3 of these copies is as powerful as the real thing.  On top of that, he casts an illusion on the rest of the dungeon floor so you can’t tell if some other scary guy joins the fight. However…

He’s no match for my stabs! I take him out in just a few turns.

Here’s another top-tier unique.  He has almost 200 hp, hits like a truck in melee and ranged, has a ton of AC, and smites like an orc priest.

Piece of cake!  This isn’t as bad as it looks, as he was fighting my zombies far away from me, up at the choke. I could duck away any time I wanted.

Here’s the rune vault…

and here’s rune #2! 🙂

This seems like a good place for a break.  Here’s my spells.  Not very many fancy ones here.  I use almost all of these fairly regularly.

and my inventory:

see you next time, where we’ll check out the Vaults!