Guest Post: Meowy Wowy’s Merfolk Necromancer, Part II

by ibukisuika

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of a series of guest posts by Grandpa. Enjoy! One note I forgot last time: while I play on Webtiles, Grandpa is using local tiles here, as you can tell from the expanded commands menu on the low right of the screen. Webtiles has some missing features compared to local, and more importantly is much laggier, so while I haven’t asked I assume that’s why he’s using local.

THE VOTES WERE CAST AND THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! 3 Votes for Ash, 0 votes for Kiku, 0 Votes for Mak, and a write-in for Xom! It’s settled, MEowy Wowy the Merfolk Necromancer is worshipping Ashenzari!

Ash is perfect for the up and coming hybrid on the go.  He’ll help me optimize my weapon, passively increase my defense, and give my magic skills a much needed boost despite my shitty caster apts.  Because of this, I can reallocate my XP to other things, like boosting my HP via training fighting into the stratosphere. Ash’s other passives (mapping, clarity, sInv, and warning) are also great for keeping me safe, helping me pick my battles where and when I want to. The tactical advantage this gives cannot be understated!

In contrast, had I chosen another god I would build my guy differently.  With Kikublahblah, I would instead continue to focus Necromancy and Charms, turn off my Polemarms skill (as it’s adequately high enough for that style), and eventually train Summonings so that I could eventually cast Haunt and Death’s Door as my top-tier spells, using Kiku’s corpse drop to keep me going until then.  With Makhleb, on the other hand, I’d stop training magic other than Charms completely, and try to train up Invocations very high.  I’d be much more of a fighter in that case.  All three paths, however, have in common that I’d be using allies to abuse my polemarm’s reaching ability.

Anyways, I’m with Ash now, and this is what my inventory and skills look like:

Unfortunately, I’m not doing too great on the consumable front, although the two potions of cure mutation are pretty great.  All I can manage for now is to curse my two remove curse scrolls. I luck out with a curse weapon and curse armour, and curse my trident, my body armour, and my ring of cold resistance so I can at least get some piety.

I continue on with the dungeon:

found these off an orc! Unfortunately, I don’t think the electrocution brand will proc when thrown, otherwise these would be an amazing pickup and I’d start training throwing right away. 😦

It ain’t EZ being CHeesy.

lol, the game really wants me to be all over the damn place, doesn’t it? At least I still have the 2 cure mutation potions stashed in the temple. (they were too valuable to walk around with)

Found another shop!  Time to gamble:

No robe of resistance for me today 😦  Oh well, these are still all interesting enough I might want to come back to them later. (the robe of positive energy for Vault:5 and the randart leather for Zot).  My original randart leather is too good to change up, and its not like I could swap it out anyways.  The one big downside of Ash… ;[

However, another nice thing about Ash is that you can make use of your inventory much sooner since you’ll have extra ID scrolls lying around.  While I always try to ID known powerful wands like cold, fire, and draining to find out how many charges they have, with Ash its not even a tough decision.  I have nothing else to ID!

Yikes! This vault, in addition to the Unique and Ice Statue, has an Ice Dragon and Frost Giant somewhere in the back.  I’ll come back to it much later, when I’m stronger.  It probably doesn’t even have any good loot. Not worth the risk for now!

I can probably take this hydra in melee, but for now I just blast it a few times first with a wand of cold.

The lair turned out to be just around the corner!  I get a nice piety boost for entering a new branch for the first time, which IDs a few more of my items. In the process of stashing my extra shit, I also notice that I just picked up a book of Death, the tier-2 Necromancy book.  Unfortunately, none of the spells will really be helpful to me right now.  Sublimation is awesome, but I can’t unequip my weapon to wield chunks.  With Kiku’s corpse drop, I’d be using this spell a LOT. Corpse Rot is pretty good for when you’re beating up a long line of enemies in a corridor, so I pick this up. Agony is a cool spell, but requires a lot of spell power to make effective use of it.  I’ll memorize it anyways for when Ash’s magic boost finally comes into play.  Dispel Undead is similar.  Excruciating Wounds gives me the pain brand, but unfortunately my Necromancy skill isn’t high enough for that to be worth a shit.

Yikes, gonna eliminate this freak with extreme prejudice.  This is an entrance vault to Orc, and I dip in quickly for the piety boost, then bail out.

Continuing on, I find Recall, which is an awesome spell for a necromancer. It no longer works as an instant airdrop, but still is very effective for surrounding enemies with my goons so that I can dip back and stab them from afar.

Found a Bailey! These are highly variable in both difficulty and reward.  I could find some completely amazing stuff here after fighting multiple warlords, or it could be completely useless.  Unfortunately, it ends up being one of the latter ones.  Essentially no loot, and on top of that it ends up being kinda difficult due to the crossbow and polearm dudes on these little islands.

Even though I’d get an EV bonus fighting this guy from 1 tile left or up, I want to fight him here so I can escape easily if he hits me hard.

The bailey isn’t a complete waste, as I do find this, which I would have never known without Ash:

If I could only find some more scrolls, I’d switch weapons right now!

Back to the dungeon, and, Meowy Wowy!  Time to get the hell outta here! CHEESE IT, BOYS!  BACK TO THE LAIR!

so, this is where I’m stopping for now.  My inventory and skills:

Next time: Our brave fishman explores The Lair of Beasts!