Guest Post: Merfolk Necromancer by Meow Wowy

by ibukisuika

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from a fellow Crawl player who bravely volunteered to play an MfNe for me while I take a short break from blogging here. I’ll be back fairly soon, probably before his game is over, but I’ve been busy with other projects for a while now. Mr. Wowy’s posting style is a little different from mine, but bear with it and I think you’ll find it quite enjoyable. Part II should be up tomorrow.

Multiple versions ago, MfNe was considered by Those In The Know as quite a power combo. The idea was that you could quickly morph into a skald except with a.) an OK early ranged attack (pain) b.) better regeneration (vampiric draining in addition to regeneration) and c.) more possibilities in the midgame due to levels in Necromancy and Kiku gifts. Unfortunately, since then the noble Merfolk race has endured heavy nerfs, as has their patron God, Kikublahblah.  However, Thug Lessens asked me to play a MfNe so Here I am.

OK, to start with I splatted a couple D1/D2 guys, but I haven’t played crawl in a year so Sue Me.  Anyways, this is how I’m allocating my starting skills, at least until I find a spear:

The idea here is to work up my core battle spells (which are all lvl 3 and below) as quickly as I can, as well as work up enough MP and spell slots to use them.  So that’s priority 1 and 2, in order.

On the first turn, I switch pain to z so that it’s easier to spam.  Pro tip from me 2 u.

Beautiful.  Merfolk get +4 Polemarm aptitude, so I want to start training this right away for my super hybrid fighter guy.  The brand is really helpful too, making up some for the spear’s low base damage. Eventually I’ll want to ditch this guy for a plain trident when I find one so that I can use Lethal Infusion, a lvl 2 Necro/Charms spell that infuses my held weapon with the Draining brand.

LOL… don’t manage to pry this stupid thing off until D:6.

Hmmm, this is pretty interesting.  This is a great artefact in the right situation; its poison branded, gives rPois+, can be invoked to cast OTR (with a bonus chance for venom bolt at high evoc), and is a poison magic enhancer.  Too bad I’m not a cool spriggan venom mage, oh well.  Still worth hanging on to in case I have to fight something dumb.


So easy to fight these guys as a polemarm user, and they give so much XP.

If you’ve never used it, Vampiric Draining is really good.  It never misses and can do quite decent damage.  It can’t do more damage than HP you’re missing though, so you have to wait until you’re about half dead to cast it.  However, it also heals you for half the damage it does, which makes you quite tanky despite the prior condition.


In canonical Crawl lore, Edmund is Sigmund’s brother and is jealous that nobody pays attention to him. 😦  He often spawns with some kind of draining weapon, and usually some decent body armour.  However, there’s an easy way to deal with him…


If you don’t have curare, another slowing method, or conjure flame, you might have to tank a few hits, but that’s still not a big deal unless he has the stupid draining weapon.

Freezing weapons have a chance to slow amphibions and lizards.  The more you know!

Shit Shop.

And here I am at the temple. I haven’t picked a god yet;  am currently leaning towards Ash, my favourite, although other solid choices are Kiku (to round out my Necro + a pain weapon) and Makhleb. (merfolk have great Invocations aptitude)  Depending on which god I pick, my playstyle will change quite a bit – so please, post your suggestions, here in my Blog Post.

I forgot to screenshot my skills, but I still remember what they are:

Polemarms 10.8 *
Necro 5.8
Charms 4.6
Spellcasting 3.1

With the rest being at the starting level. I will for sure stop focusing my weapon and turn Stealth and Dodging back on whichever route I take.